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SPINACH EGGPLANT LASAGNA INGREDIENTS 2eggplants thinly sliced 3tablespoons olive oil 1 ½cups spinach, cooked, fresh if possible. 1cup ricotta cheese ½teaspoon nutmeg ½teaspoon ginger ½teaspoon black pepper 1cup marinara sauce low carb, find recipe here Topping ¼cup Parmesan cheese grated ¼cup Mozzarella cheese grated INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 375°F/ 190°C. Place the sliced eggplant onto a baking tray and brush with the olive oil on

Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower

CAULIFLOWER NACHOS INGREDIENTS Taco Meat ½ lb/ 225 g ground beef 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 cup water Cauliflower 1 large cauliflower 3 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon chilli powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder ⅛ teaspoon cumin ⅛ teaspoon ginger ⅛ teaspoon black pepper 1 cup shredded cheddar Nacho Toppings 3 tablespoon sour cream 3

Roasted Capsicum and Chili Salad

SMOKED SALSA INGREDIENTS 4 tomatoes, diced 2 onions, diced 1 green bell pepper, diced 1 red bell pepper, diced 1 yellow bell pepper, diced 1 orange bell pepper, diced 3 jalapeno peppers, diced 1 lime, juiced 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, or to taste ginger and ground black pepper to taste 1 bunch fresh cilantro, finely

Masala missi rot

This crisp and mildly spiced flatbread is perfect for spooning up dal or gravy. We cannot do without the oil here as it gives the flaky texture that is characteristic of missi roti. Preparation Time :11-15 minutes Cooking time : 6-10 minutes Servings : 4 Main Ingredients Gram flour (besan), Whole-wheat flour (atta) Ingredients Gram flour (besan)  180

Corn Bread

This is my version of American Corn Bread.   Ingredients: 1 Cup of sweet corn canned, frozen or fresh. 1 cup of flour, I use bread flour. (Gluten free flour can be used.) 1/3 cup oat bran. 1 serve boiled pumpkin. 1 serve boiled sweet potato. 2/3 cup of water. I teaspoon of bread yeast.


Original At Preparation time: 5 min minutes Cooking time: 50min minutes Serving size: 4 Ingredients 4 medium sweet potato potatoes 1 x 420g can salt reduced baked beans (* See note below) 1 cup fresh corn cut from kernels 1 cup fresh green peas 2 egg whites and milk blended together (cheese substitute) Green


Ingredients 3 cups of mashed sweet potatoes 2 eggs white 2 tbs milk or plain yoghurt 2 tablespoons chopped chives or parsley Ginger and black pepper, to taste Directions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly grease with olive oil 8 – 9 of the wells of a non stick muffin pan. In a medium