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What is the keto flu?

A common thing people keep asking me, is that after a few days into a ketogenic diet is, why do I feel so tired, and have a horrible headache, maybe this diet is not working for  many people in the community know this induction period as the keto flu. You see, as we switch our

Can Bitter Melon Really Fight Diabetes?

Bitter melon is scientifically known as Momordica Charantia and called many other names such as balsam pear, bitter squash, and bitter gourd. This bitter, wrinkly, and relatively unpopular fruit (at least in Australia) is packed with nutrients that can help manage diabetes. Momordica Charantia is commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical regions such as Asia,

Carbs and Fat.

As a person with a back ground in science I have been confused by many posts stating “Low Carb”, “No Carb” and “High Fat”. It is probably the most common comment that I hear from diabetics and people with heart disease. That is they receive confusing messages from those who should know better. I myself