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I enjoy fishing and it is only natural that Tex would accompany me and my fishing mates on our fishing adventures. In fact he gets quite upset when he does not come. He has never attempted to jump over board and even gets quite protective of the boat if birds get too close.   Here


What came first the chicken or the egg? I cannot answer this question but I am going to start with the egg. Eggs can be incubated either under a broody hen or in an incubator. The hen should not be a large meat bird as these will crush the eggs. Many egg laying breeds do


A few years ago I bartered a few chook for 2 Eating goats. When they arrived 1 was heavy in kid so I kept her. Here is my little flock now. Mary had twins today while I was away between 2 and 3 pm, a boy and a girl. Jack comes for a scratch to