I enjoy fishing and it is only natural that Tex would accompany me and my fishing mates on our fishing adventures. In fact he gets quite upset when he does not come. He has never attempted to jump over board and even gets quite protective of the boat if birds get too close.


fishing-1 (1)

Here Tex inspects our catch; not time to go home yet he thinks.


The end of the day:-



A fine catch of Morwong, in fact here we bagged out, which means we caught our legal limit in N.S.W., 10 fish per person fishing on board. There is also a size limit that applies. Check your local guides as to the bag limit and size.


A nice catch of Flathead, these are mainly Tiger Flathead. These are great eating fish; you can cook them whole, filleted or filleted and skinned. As long as they are well cleaned, they freeze well and will cook well, even a couple of months after caught. In NSW a catch limit is 20 per person. This is a bag limit.

All fish taste better if cooked and eaten the day they are caught. And that is why we go fishing.

I belong to and am the treasurer for our local fishing club. We actually believe in preserving fish stocks and only keep what we can eat. Our rules are designed so that only one fish per species can be weighed in towards our monthly and annual competition. This encourages boats to move and fish in several areas as different fish are found in different environments; deep reefs, shallow reefs, on sand and so forth.

All the fish we take are eaten and the bits that we do not eat are fed to my chickens. I boil this up in large pots and freeze it in take away containers so that I can feed over a period of time.



Presentation Night

At our last presentation night we had a very successful year:-



I was lucky enough to take 5 certificates for the heaviest fish for each species:

1. Shark (Gummy),

2. Rock Cod,

3. Kingfish

4. Gurnard (these can be substituted for leather jackets in my recipe.)

5. Luderick.




Three monthly comps as club champion for the month and three months as best skipper. (Here I receive one certificate that list the months instead of a certificate for each month.)


And the most important, to me, skipper of the year:-



I ask you; would you go the sea with this lot (and Tex)? Tex could not attend the presentation night but remains an important part of the crew.